The Mean (mini) Streets of NYC {tilt-shift}

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01 07 08_0522_edited-2

New York City, NY

magazine: Adobe Photoshop Elements Techniques

issue: July / August 2012

article: It’s a Small World

author: Matt Kloskowski

steps: 8

time: 11 minutes

Tilt-shift photography is designed to give the appearance of miniature models by selectively blurring portions of the photo. This works best with photos taken from an elevated position looking over streets with cars and people. Finding the right photo is the hardest thing about this technique.

FYI: Elements 11 has a tilt-shift effect built in with easy to follow directions.

A Little Encouragement (introduction)

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06 22 12_2883_edited-1

Sunrise over Topsail, NC

I have decided I am finally ready. I am ready to learn photography. I want to learn photography. I have taken classes over the years at but I have never really finished any. It is time for me to get my money’s worth out of those classes. The kids are grown, the volunteering at school has gone and now it is time for me again. I have printed the materials and noted when to watch the accompanying videos. No excuses. I can and will do this!

Speaking of “I can”, I used the photo above because I┬áconsider it one of my better ones. I thought it was appropriate to show that I can and have produced a good photo. I read the introduction (which I skipped the first time I took this class) and realized that I don’t need to have the best equipment or know all the technical terms. A few simple tips can start to give me better photos now. I need to be patient and learn and most of all, practice. For the first time in a long time I am looking forward to re-reading chapter one and completing the assignment.

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

-See you next Tuesday!

Hello! (again)

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Yes, that’s right I said again. For the few of you that actually follow My Little Padded Room, I apologize for the OCD moment. I have taken the time to wipe it clean and get a fresh start. (I warned you that the title doesn’t only refer to my love of pads and list making but my eventual destination of a little padded room of my own.)

For those of you just joining me, welcome. I am using this blog as a place to organize (better than I did before) my journey into photography. I am taking online classes through, I am a subscriber to Photoshop Elements magazine, and I have tons of sticky notes hanging out of photography books for things I would love to try.

I am clearly not a professional and do not aspire to be one. As a matter of fact, I am probably a step below amateur at this point but, I hope to entertain thru my photos and what I am sure will be an adventure for me.

Thanks for stopping by this crazy little space of mine.


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